Impact absorption is synonymous with comfort and safety

Impact absorption is synonymous with comfort and safety

The bottom of professional footwear is of fundamental importance to ensure the comfort and safety of the worker. Therefore, among the main requirements to be considered in the creation of this PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), is the ability to absorb impact (E).

In daily work activities, during walking, especially in the support phase, which begins with the touch of the heel and ends with the removal of the hallux (toe) from the ground, the biomechanical function of the foot is observed. The impact of the support on the ground causes a reaction force, from the ground to the foot, which is absorbed by the human body.

Impact absorption is synonymous with comfort and safety

Therefore, to ensure the health and good performance of the feet and body as a whole, it is essential to use shoes that have an efficient energy absorption system in the heel area. A system that absorbs mechanical and physical impacts and minimizes consequences on the heel that can cause discomfort, fatigue, pain and injuries.

An inappropriate choice when purchasing professional footwear, therefore, can lead to injuries to the bones, muscles and ligaments of the feet, knees and even the spine of the worker.


In order to achieve the necessary impact absorption for a shoe to be considered safe, technical standards that follow the anatomical (measures) and physiological criteria of the foot (movement and use) must be strictly obeyed.

Item 5.14 of ABNT NBR ISO 20344 (Personal Protective Equipment – Test Methods for Footwear) deals with the determination of energy absorption in the heel area. Such component must be approved in laboratory tests against impacts of at least 20 joules.


The “E” symbolism proves that the shoe has high impact absorption in the heel area. All Safetline professional footwear models have this symbolism because of their modern energy absorption systems, whose resistance presented in the tests is 30 joules.

Safetline’s care in manufacturing its soles involves choosing the materials used, because the more they absorb impacts, the less the reaction of the soil in relation to the feet. They also go through a differentiated design studied in detail and the use of advanced technologies.