Safety shoes – Personal Protective Equipment are great allies for truck drivers, professionals who spend long hours on the roads behind the wheel exposed to the most different risks. For this very reason, they need to be comfortable and safe, protected against accidents and occupational diseases.

The Occupational Health and Safety regulations provide for the mandatory use of specific PPE for truck drivers depending on the cargo transported and the risks to which they are exposed.

One of the regulatory standards that must be respected is NR 6, which establishes the criteria for defining the PPE to be used and the responsibilities of the employer and the employee. Freelancers also need to respect the determinations.

Among the technical standards to be followed, is ABNT NBR 9735, which establishes the minimum set of equipment for emergencies in the land transport of dangerous products.

This kit consists of PPE, to be used by the driver and personnel involved (if any) in transport, equipment for signaling the area of ​​the occurrence (breakdown, accident and / or emergency) and a portable fire extinguisher for the cargo.

KEY – Safety shoes

Safety shoes – Among the main PPE that must be used by truck drivers during loading, unloading, inspection, maintenance or emergencies, there is a luminous signaling vest, gloves, glasses, helmet, filtering face mask or respirator.

Also essential are safety shoes with toecaps that protect against falling heavy or sharp objects, stomps, kicks or stumps, as well as burns from contact with chemicals.

Located on the front of professional shoes, the most popular safety toecaps on the market are made of steel or composite.

Safety shoes for truckers also need to have other important characteristics, such as ensuring the comfort of the feet, keeping them dry and at the ideal temperature, and preventing the user from slipping on wet or slippery floors.

Safetline has in its portfolio different models of professional shoes developed with all the requirements and certifications necessary for the safe work of truck drivers.