Safety shoes for gas station workers

Safety shoes
Employees and employers need to be aware of occupational risks at gas stations. The components present in gasoline and diesel, such as benzene and other hydrocarbons, are highly harmful to health and can cause diseases in the respiratory system, skin and eyes, as well as cancer. Such products are also flammable, which can cause fires and explosions.

Therefore, in order to prevent occupational diseases and accidents in these segments, it is essential to respect the regulatory standards for Occupational Health and Safety, with an emphasis on NR 6 (Personal Protective Equipment) and NR 20 (Safety and Health at Work with Flammable and Combustible).

Among the important measures to be adopted to protect professionals who work at gas stations, is the use of suitable PPE, such as uniforms made with flameproof fabrics, specific gloves, respiratory protection masks, glasses and, of course, safety shoes.

It is up to the gas station employer to acquire the appropriate and properly certified PPE according to the risk of each activity, as well as to demand its use, guide and train workers on the correct use, care and conservation. It is also up to him to immediately replace this equipment when damaged or lost.

In turn, it is up to the employee to use the PPE for the purpose for which it is intended, to be responsible for the care and conservation, to communicate to the employer any changes that render the equipment unsuitable for use and to comply with the determinations on proper use.

ACTIVITIES – Safety shoes
The choice of the correct PPE depends on the activity to be developed and the risks present at the gas stations. After analyzing these risks and mapping the facilities, specifying the appropriate equipment for worker protection requires knowledge and understanding of the normative sets that are mandatory for their certification.

Safety shoes for those working in these environments must have important characteristics, including avoiding the user’s skin contact with chemicals and moisture. It is also necessary to protect against burns, punctures, cuts and falling objects. They also need to ensure that the user does not slip on wet or slippery floors.

Safetline has in its portfolio different models of professional footwear developed with all the requirements and certifications necessary for safe work at gas stations.