What is the ideal safety footwear for workers in the construction industry? – For work accidents and occupational diseases to be avoided in the construction industry, it is necessary to comply with regulatory standards for Occupational Health and Safety, with emphasis on NRs 6 (Personal Protective Equipment), 12 (Machines and Equipment) ), 18 (Construction Industry) and 35 (Work at Height).

Construction industry workers, in addition to having Collective Protection Equipment (EPCs), need to use appropriate PPE to be protected against the risks that exist in their working environments. One of these important pieces of equipment is safety shoes, which must also offer absolute comfort to the user.

RISKS – What is the ideal safety footwear for workers in the construction industry?

Among the most common occupational hazards to which workers in the construction industry may be exposed are falling from a height, electric shock and injuries to hands and feet. Contact with chemicals, moisture and sharp objects can also harm them.

Safety shoes, therefore, need to protect them, for example, against punctures by nails and other materials, slips and falling heavy objects capable of causing crushing of the feet.

Another factor that determines the need for adequate safety shoes is the constant use of water in the works. Impermeable or water repellent products, therefore, are the most suitable to avoid direct contact, either with water, or with other substances mixed with it that can cause damage to the skin.


Among the main models of safety footwear for workers in the construction industry available on the OSH market are boots, boots and boots made of waterproof leather or microfiber.

The modern technologies that these products have also include steel or composite toecaps, two-density soles that adhere to the ground and that cushion impacts, anti-puncture insoles, metatarsal protectors and internal thermal regulators.

Another important issue is the design of footwear for workers in the construction industry. Today the market has options that, in addition to protecting the user’s feet, are aesthetically pleasing, with a variety of colors and shapes that enable safety with style.

Safetline has in its portfolio different models of professional shoes developed with all the requirements and certifications necessary for safe work in the construction industry.