High temperature work safety

High temperature work safety

High temperature work safety

High temperature work is common for professionals from the most different sectors, such as, for example, in the food industry, metallurgy, steel, as well as in activities with welding, under the sun or during fires. To guarantee the physical and mental integrity of these workers, attention to their thermal comfort is of paramount importance and required by law.

In most cases, in addition to the adoption of administrative and collective measures for safety and health at work, it is necessary to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including appropriate clothing, masks, glasses, gloves and shoes.

The bad consequences of exposing people to the risks of working at high temperatures without proper protection include burns of varying degrees of severity and dehydration, which impairs the functioning of the body and can cause hallucinations. In the long run, the consequences can be male infertility, vision problems and skin cancer.


To protect users’ feet properly, professional shoes suitable for working at high temperatures and / or with heated soil, it is essential to use professional shoes with high heat resistance soles by contact. This important PPE, which receives the HRO symbol, allows the execution of tasks in extreme situations and is mandatory for professionals such as firefighters and scarves.

The shoes of Safetline’s Vulcano line carry the HRO symbol, because they were developed specifically for workers who work in extreme situations, providing great thermal comfort to users. Such models of the brand have, as fundamental components, two-density nitrile soles injected directly into the uppers that withstand temperatures above 300ºC for one minute.

Safetline also has in its portfolio of models of professional shoes with heat insulation of the sole assembly (HI) approved with distinction in the tests of determination of resistance. They are suitable for working in high temperatures where excessive heat can cause serious injuries such as burns.