The Vulcano sole is produced with bidirectional nitrile rubber (rubber / rubber).

This technology is specific for the protection of workers who work in environments with high temperatures.

The Falcon sole is PU / TPU (one layer of expanded polyurethane and one layer of thermoplastic polyurethane), injected directly into the leather.

It is designed to increase user safety and comfort.

The Rudolf sole is in two-layer PU (two layers of polyurethane), which is injected directly into the leather.

It has been developed to increase impact absorption, abrasion resistance, soil adhesion, balance and comfort.

The Falcon sole is PU / PU (two layers of polyurethane), which is injected directly into the leather

It was developed to be soft and light, providing greater comfort and impact absorption.

Antistatic or dissipative footwear, whose symbology is A, avoids, removes or reduces the formation of static body electricity. Learn more about this technology!

Thinsulate ™ has been developed as a thermal regulator to make working environments more pleasant, as a benefit of being light and resistant.

The hidrofugated leather is excellent for use in the manufacture of professional footwear intended for occupational environments with excessive humidity.

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Safety toe caps are important components in a professional footwear as they aim to provide additional protection to the worker in their occupational environment when there is a risk of falling heavy or sharp objects on their feet, learn more on our page.

In order to achieve the necessary impact absorption for a shoe to be considered safety, technical standards that follow anatomical (measured) and physiological criteria of the foot (movement and use) must be rigidly obeyed, know more on our page.

Being the main source of light, strength and heat used in the contemporary world, electric energy is essential in people’s daily lives. With it, however, come the risks that both high and low voltage represent to workers in the segment, such as shock, electric arc and flash, learn more on our page.

The antiperfuro insole can be used in all types of footwear as an additional requirement, but needs to fully meet the requirements related to flexing and drilling of various national and international standards, learn more on our page.

In some specific activities, the worker is required to wear professional footwear that has an internal or external metatarsal protector, learn more on our site.

For professional footwear to ensure the safety of workers who work in occupational environments with the presence of combustible oils, it is necessary that it has a solad resistant to these types of chemical products (hydrocarbons), know more on our page.

Falls and other accidents involving workers due to slips in the occupational environment can be avoided with the use of the appropriate professional footwear, that is, a footwear that has a slip resistant soles, know more in our page.

For the protection of the feet of workers who carry out activities in occupational environments with very high temperatures and / or with heated floors, it is essential to use professional footwear with heat-resistant soles by contact.

Occupational activities in which there is light and fast contact with water require the use of professional water-repellent shoes, which act as a barrier against external moisture for a certain time, know more on our page.

In occupational activities with handling of cutting instruments, such as machetes for example, it is required by law that workers wear professional shoes with resistance to cutting, know more on our page.