Synonymous with quality and technology, Safetline is the manufacturer of the most complete line of safety shoes in Brazil. It values ​​importance and invests in worker safety for more than 45 years, always with a lot of commitment and total dedication.

Acting in Brazil and Latin America, Safetline has total perception and dimension of its business. That’s why there are more than 300 direct employees and investments in various sectors such as: people and product development. Thus, the company demonstrates ability and competence of high standard for the production of extremely modern and effective safety footwear.

Safetline customers have before them a company that lives intensely the technological evolution in safety footwear, added to the more specific needs of the worker. It recognizes the utmost importance of customer satisfaction. A company that regards commitment to the market as an absolute duty, as well as individual, social, economic and environmental responsibility, which contributes to sustainable growth and value creation.

At Safetline, infrastructure is a key element in the innovation and development process, not only by investments in the best technologies, but also in machines, hardware, software, among others, which are the norm. In practice, they result in the continuous search for the best processes and flows. The great difference is the adequacy and the real commitment with the results and the satisfaction of the clients.

All the particularities that make up a safety footwear are carefully analyzed, from the purchase until the actual use, in the client. And all the infrastructure, adequate and pertinent to offer the best performance.

We never rest. We permanently seek perfection.